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 Georgezippybungle is a newbie here

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PostSubject: Georgezippybungle is a newbie here   Tue Sep 01, 2009 4:09 pm

Hello, I'd like to introduce myself and my history of rusty heaps. I have been a regular on many other forums and have owned a wonderful variety of sheds over the years that I think will qualify me as a bangernomics guru.

I am lucky and suppose I could - if pushed afford a reasonable new car but why would I want to do that? I love a bit of value for money and always marvel at how much car you can buy for so little money if you look carefully.

Ironically I have just bought my first non shed car, an Audi A4 TDi for just over 3grand, that for me is a huge amount of money to blow on a vehicle, I just fancied trying a nippy diesel.

I still run a 25 year old Mk1 Golf and an old Ford capri though.

In reverse order, some of my previous sheds

BMW 325i touring manual.
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Lovely engine and very quick. Bought feb 08 for 900, Just sold for 800. Cost one service and a couple of brake discs to run, never broke down but was a bit tempramental starting sometimes. Smile

Ford Sierra 2.0iS.
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Rare as rocking horse poo, this was in original mint condition with 69k. Bought unseen from Ebay for 330 in Mar 2005. Cost nothing to run, broke down once with a failed distributor, got one for 50. Sold April 2008 for ......wait for it.........560! Shocked

Citroen BX RD estate.
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Bought in 2003 whilst drunk as a giggle for 50 pence! from mate who had abandoned it. Had to fix a fuel pipe and hydraulic hose. The old barge just worked from then on, great for town driving, when Mr arrogant tries to push infront of you in a 4x4 and you're driving an old nail like this, there's no chance I was giving way, I always won, it just parted the traffic. Sold in 2005 for 150 Cool

Ford Cortina 24v.
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Yes somebody really shoved this 200bhp lump into a mk4. it was insane. Bought in 2001 for 2500, provided me with many grins and minimal maintainance. never broke down and sold in 2004 for ......2500 Very Happy

There's more, a couple of Capris and in the late 90's I knocked around in an '85 Jag sovereign V12 which I'll liken to a rocket powered lounge. I often squeezed 20mpg out of it on the motoway but usually it was less.
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I'm glad I owned it and glad I sold it, it did empty my wallet quite severely. cyclops

I love old motors, even my newish (to me) Audi is almost eligable for scrappage which shows what a loathsome scheme it really is, using my tax to swell the coffers of the overseas car industry. I often smile when I see something pre 1990 in what appears to be regular use.

If you have the newest car in your street you won't have for long.....
If you have the oldest then you'll always will.

So what have you all previously owned?
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PostSubject: Re: Georgezippybungle is a newbie here   Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:23 pm

Welcome aboard mate, lovely jag and BX!, always wanted a BX as a kid! Very Happy
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Georgezippybungle is a newbie here

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