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 1979 Bmw 320

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PostSubject: 1979 Bmw 320   Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:30 am

Hi all,

Just thought I'd mention the cheapest banger that I ever owned.

A few years back we didn't have a car but needed a station hack and a friend of mine said If i could get it out of his underground car park (been sat for 5 years) i could have he's old bmw 320. I was a member of a breakdown company and called them up to get this old car that was covered under about a foot of dust running.

I had to get it to the underground car park entrance as the AA van couldn't get into the car park lol, the guy looked at me funny when I pushed it over to the entrance but sure enough after a few go's she fired into life and I ran her down to the nearest petrol station, filled her up and purchased a new battery.

I ended up cleaning her up and putting her though an mot the next week and all she needed was two new back tyres, and some bushes on the front!

I ran her for over a year and ended up selling her for around 250

most fun car I ever owned, well in the wet anyway! Surprised
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PostSubject: 320   Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:17 pm

Super old cars, used to sell them used in the '80s, 323i though even better, though you could spin that on a wet roundabout at 5mph
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1979 Bmw 320

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