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 Wee Startup Wear Dilemma

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PostSubject: Wee Startup Wear Dilemma   Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:07 am

Suppose your car won't start without choke in current conditions (Imagine you don't have fuel injection, if that won't give you bad dreams)

Is it better to turn it over a bit first without using the choke, to build oil pressure, or just use the choke straight away?

I ask because I read recently that "The Rover SDI launched in the UK in 1975 had a device that turned off the ignition until 3 psi oil pressure was achieved."

Assuming this is true, and that severely cash strapped BL engineers thought that worthwhile, it seems turning it over a bit might be a good idea.

I don't, however, know if the SD1 system had fuel shut-off, which might make a difference. I think most British SD1 had carbs (SU's. I rather miss SU's) so fuel shut-off might be difficult to arrange, but probably not impossible.

Not a big deal, but one likes to be optimal.
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Wee Startup Wear Dilemma

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