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 Punkworks Choke Substitute

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PostSubject: Punkworks Choke Substitute   Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:44 pm

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Not sure how fuel injection does cold start enrichment. IF it adjusted the mixture with feedback, then this might work with FI, but if it just over-fuels based on temperature it wouldn't be effective since the FI would be over-fuelling anyway.

Anyway, my car has a fairly dysfunctional carb, and seems to be finding the current not-summer Taiwan temps (around 10C, Jings!) to be a bit cold. Don't think my actual choke does anything.

I made a prototype a while ago with a disposable lighter but didn't really need it in the prevailing temps. This one is a bigger "pre-production" version. Simply made with a large 25NT refillable lighter and a 10NT intravenous butterfly line. Lever  the metal flame shield off, pull the torch nozzle (seen on the left) off, remove the piezo-electric igniter (seen on the right), fit the IV line over the gas outlet and replace the flame shield, which gives you something to put a wedge under (I used a cable tie) to hold the button down.

Igniter is perhaps a tiny fire/explosion risk but more importantly it seems to delay or prevent shutoff, despite being spring loaded. Might be worth adding a return spring, perhaps derived from ball-point pen innards, but it seems to work without it.

My dialysis set derived restriction guage/decoker described elsewhere has an injection port on it so I could stick it in that, but I might want it independent so will probably route it directly through thr top of the air cleaner.

Of course not many carbed cars left here, but there are lots of small capacity motorcycles. A gas choke wont cause the same fuel dilution.
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Punkworks Choke Substitute

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