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 Scrapped the ka :(

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PostSubject: Scrapped the ka :(   Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:46 pm

Scrapped my partners old KA this week. She stopped using it a year ago. My father used it till Christmas when the mot ran out. The engine had lost compression on 1 cylinder tho it was still very much drivable just down on power and would make a funny noise when pulling off.

She owned it for 3 years. Clocking up 50k in it. Apart from brakes tyres and the lower arms we haven't touched it. Always had regular oil changes. Never ever broke down was a really good reliable car. Id patched it a couple of times underneath due to tin worm but it was fairly solid. Then suddenly big holes appeared in several places. 2 being the chassis like members where a couple of patches really would cut it as it was gone around the sub frame mounts aswell. Sills were toast but could of been replaced with cut metal.

I had given away the seats out of it to fellow Morris minor owner. I removed the battery for fathers mini digger. Kept the lower arms as theyd only done acouple of thousand miles. Saved the front brakes as they were only a year old. Calipers were recon ones. Saved the mirrors just incase. Then filled the car up with scrap. Id also put the rear axle on my trial fiesta as i couldn't get a handbrake on it.

Got 68 for it. Cant get cheaper motoring than that. Have been so impressed with the kas. She's got another one now. Its been reliable over the last year. Iv only rust proofed it and changed 2 tyres due to a puncture. We're struggling to decide what to replace it with as she'd like something bigger.

Just our success story with bangernomics.
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Scrapped the ka :(

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