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 I'm after a Luxo barge, and post 1998 Mercs are not it. So what is?

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PostSubject: I'm after a Luxo barge, and post 1998 Mercs are not it. So what is?   Fri May 27, 2016 11:02 am

I'm due for a change soon, and do galactic miles, for which my V70 is entirely suited. With 280,000 †it's starting to get very wobbly. The last one gave out at 320,000. I do around 30-40,000+ a year, and would like a Mercedes CL500 or something similarly bargy and wafty. Only latter day Mercs seem to have become throwaway cars. You'll not see †many CL500 with more than 130,000. †And never with 200,000. In fact, much as I'd love one, all Mercs of that period come across as tin-worm magnets. I gather the spares are stratospheric which also forces these off the road. This verified by the fact, that you'll not see many high-milers. I'm told every bill is £3000, which is why, despite being £100,000 new, they hit the breakler's pile or sell for £3K now.

But I want silent-waft. Fuel unusually †isn't an issue for reasons discussed in my other post, but spares and servicing is. Jags rot and have all sorts of issues. As my guide, I look to used †barges, Volvos along with Beemers seem to be the only stuff routinely sold with 180+K miles. Everything else fades, and doesn't get that far. Is there anything I'm missing?

Nothing wrong with another Volvo, I'm just bored with the thought of anohter. I don't do mincing mileages, and I've had too many. But I do know how to keep them going.
Or for reasonable waft and reasonable parts and servicing, am I stuck with another Volvo?

For barge-silent-waft, my heart yearns for a Merc or a Jag, but my head is rattled.

I refuse to spend more than £3500. I'd like an estate, but the more wafty stuff tends to be slooons or coupes, so I am prepared to forego some practicality for long-legged- comfort.

So I'm looking for a low-miler exampel of a car that has testimony to durability by there being plenty of used examples with 200K+ on them.

Is there a Bangernomic Barge that stands driving, that isn't a Volvo or a Beemer?
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I'm after a Luxo barge, and post 1998 Mercs are not it. So what is?

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