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 Colourful Ethnic Starter Switch

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PostSubject: Colourful Ethnic Starter Switch   Mon May 02, 2016 12:16 pm

Doing a lot of futile fiddling with the car at the moment, and I thought a remote starter switch would streamline my inefficiency.

Step 1 : Find an abandoned arcade game in the jungle, not so difficult in the jungle around here.

(I found a shot-down Soviet-made helicopter in the Cambodian jungle once, which would have been a great source of switches for my Best-40-Quid-I-Ever-Spent-Lada, but my penknife wasn't up to the job, plus I was a bit parenoid it might have been wired for bangs)

No such problemn in the Taiwan suburban jungle. OTOH there are hordes of F-ing mosquitos, and I'm wearing shorts. RUN AWAYYYY!.

Step 2: Go back with long trousers and sleeves, jungle boots, a hammer, and an electric tennis raquet. Hit console with hammer while waving raquet around head. Occaisionally the other way around when confused. Sweat gets in your eyes, and a hammer isn't actually much good for killing mosquitos.

Behind the surface plastic the plywood is eaten away by tiny horrible jungle creatures (as I am), so the console breaks up pretty easily. I just want some switches so I leave the motherboard and screen.

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Step 3 : Check switches for continuity with multimeter. The jungle isn't friendly to exposed switchgear so I'm expecting most of them to be bust. All the square ones I check are, but luckily, the BIG RED ROUND ONE shows continuity. Hooray.

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Step 4: Put a couple of crock clips on the (rather wimpy) wires from the BIG RED ROUND ONE. I wish I'd cut these a bit longer, but I was being eaten at the time.

Step 5 : Test on car, connecting one crock clip to battery+, and the other to the starter solenoid terminal. WORKS!!

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Dunno for how long though. Might be worth soldering some heavier wire on, and maybe checking some more of those square switches in case any of them work.
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Colourful Ethnic Starter Switch

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