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 Brake Pedal Holder-Downer Thingy

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PostSubject: Brake Pedal Holder-Downer Thingy   Sun Oct 12, 2014 1:19 am

I made myself a simple brake-pedal-holder-downer thingy with a bit of aluminium channel shelf support (any stick or tube would do) notched for a rope at one end. Stick goes through the steering wheel onto the brake pedal, rope is tied with a clove hitch on the steering wheel rim.

I initially had an adjustable depth stop at the pedal end by tying the stick to the pedal lever so that part of the stick projected below it, but I found I didn't need one.

If you used bungee cord, or hung a weight on the end of the stick, you could probably get more brake pedal travel when you opened the bleed nipple and the bleed job would go quicker, but then you'd need a depth stop anyway to avoid master cylinder seal damage from over-travel.

I know you can get various gadgets in the UK to make this a one-man job, but they arent readilly available here in Taiwan.

I tried using a Taiwanese girl for this purpose (and have used a Scottish girl in the distant past) but the stick is simpler, more reliable, and much cheaper.
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Brake Pedal Holder-Downer Thingy

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