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 Tales of terror while trying to sell a car ?

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PostSubject: Tales of terror while trying to sell a car ?   Fri May 17, 2013 1:49 pm

I might have a unfair advantage on this topic owing to the fact that I work for a garage and car sales site, but how many of you have let a potential punter drive the car you are trying to sell them, while you are in the passenger seat and you are about to sh!t a brick through fear of some form of calamity ?

In hindsight and after the events of yesterday unfolded, I have now calmed down enough to share with you the saga of yesterday's sales fiasco.

Mother and daughter are looking at and old corsa on the forecourt as it will be the daughters first car of her own.
I offered them an accompanied test drive as i needed to put some fuel in it at the local petrol station.
A little way down the road I pulled into a quieter side street to enable the daughter to have a drive and see if she liked it (mother in back seat)
At this point while about to move off I was informed that she had only passed her test a week or so ago.
I wasn't too bothered at that point, as she had passed the driving test means you should be able to drive right ??

The first part of the road test went reasonably well, or so I thought.............................
as we returned to the garage there was one final left turn to make before parking up.
As we approched the left turn she turned the wheel but not far enough,I had to yank the handbrake up hard to avoid T-Boning a Ford Focus waiting to turn right at the junction.
It was close, FECKIN CLOSE !

The first words that came out of her mouth were "that wouldn't have happened if it had power steering"
I tried hard to stay calm and told them to both get out of the car (quite politely) right now.
I parked it back on the forecourt and never spoke another word to either of them.


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PostSubject: Re: Tales of terror while trying to sell a car ?   Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:44 am

Oh a fair few
One sticks to mind two years ago when I put my toyota monster truck on
Fleabay, went for 1200 quid
and a few days later a bunch of indian guys turn up,
and decided to rip the hell out of it
'got an oil leak' - 'nope never leaked a drop mate'
'whats this oil on the rocker cover?'
'just serviced it this week, look at it its clear, overspill'
'I think the head gasket has gone mate'
'B ollocks'
it went on and on
almost ended up in a fight
sent em packing in the end Headbang
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Tales of terror while trying to sell a car ?

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