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 Halfords trade card

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PostSubject: Halfords trade card   Mon May 12, 2008 12:53 am

Source: - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Here's how to apply from the horses mouth so to speak [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

To get my trade card I took in a pile of invoices from bits I had bought from a Skoda dealer and GSF (some older than the 3 months specified by Halfords with a new one on the top). He asked if I had a wage slip - I showed him a print out from the website link above that said a large amount of invoices should be acceptable. He asked if I was a self-employed mechanic and I told him the truth that I was a student and did work on my own car, and he went off to ask the manager who ok'd it. I guess some stores might still be a bit funny about it and expect a mechanics wage slip. It would of course be technically fraud but on ebay some people sell wage slips for which you can provide fictitious information.

I know Halfords tends to be pricier than many motorfactors but this discount tends to bring the prices more inline with the motorfactors. I wouldn't shop there if it wasn't for the trade card.

Here's the current list of the types of discounts that can be had that we're trying to maintain on MSE, to illustrate the discounts. Some things not very much off, others there's quite a saving. Unfortunately you don't find out until you pay or ask for a price check.


Brilliant Headlight (Single) RRP £9.99 TRADE £3.50
Super Brilliant Headlight (Single) RRP £14.99 TRADE £7.50
Twinpack 12V 5W sidelight bulbs RRP: £2.49 TRADE: £0.46


Deep 15mm 1/2 Drive Socket - RRP 5.79 - down to £4.xx
Set of 12 1/2 Drive Sockets - RRP 17.99 - Down to £14.xx
Laser Brake Spanners RRP: £3.99 TRADE: £3.19
Torque Wrench RRP: £49 TRADE:£39
120piece socket set RRP:£149 (but normally on offer at £99) TRADE:£89
150piece socket set RRP:£199 TRADE:£149
Laser Scissor type Ball Joint separator RRP:16.49 TRADE: 13.19
Halfords short 1/2" drive extension bar/swivel end combination type thing RRP: £5.49 TRADE: £4.39

Service parts

Windscreen Wiper Blade (Rear) - RRP £9.99 TRADE £3.47

merc battery(one in boot) RRP: £99 TRADE: £71
Halfords Earth Cable 22cm RRP £3.99 - TRADE £3.19

Polo mk2 timing belt RRP £8.99 - TRADE £2.76 (CHEAPER THAN GSF!! )
Polo mk2 water pump RRP £32.99 -TRADE £21.11
halfords brand rear wheel bearing suit mk1 golf/polo RRP £11.99 Trade £8.37

Ignition components
Halfords Rotor arm HRA500 RRP £4.99 - Trade: £2.16
Glowplugs for 1.9 Diesel 206 RRP: £29.99 TRADE: £18.08
205 Distributor cap - RRP 8.99 Trader £6.19
Halfords set of 5 H.T leads RRP: £12.99 TRADE: £6.38

Oil filters
Halfords Oil Filter for Ford Puma 1.7 RRP £5.29 - TRADE £1.90
Halfords OIL Filter for Citroen Xantia 2.0 8v RRP £6.49 - TRADE £2.01
Halfords Oil Filter for Toyota Yaris 1.0 RRP £5.99 - TRADE £2.44

Odds n Ends

Tube of Easy Gasket - RRP £4.99 TRADE £1.90
Halfords Split Pin selection approx 550 6 different sizes RRP: £6.99 TRADE: £4.99
Halfords Grease Spray RRP £3.99- Trade £3.19
3-IN-1 Professional silicon spray RRP £4.99 - TRADE £3.99

Cooling system
1ltr antifreeze RRP: £4.29 TRADE: £3.43
Holts Radweld RRP: £3.99 TRADE: £0.99
Halfords coolant hose repair bandage - RRP £2.99 - trade £2.44*

Brake stuff

EUROPART ViziBleeding Kit ( with container) RRP £5.99 - TRADE £3.55
EUROPART ViziBleeding Kit ( without container) RRP £4.99 - TRADE £2.49
Halfords brake cleaner RRP: £5.49 TRADE: £4.39
Big Can of Brake and Clutch Cleaner - RRP £5.99 - Trade £4.79 (sounded expensive and it's a huge can)

Exhaust stuff

Halfords Exhaust Repair Bandage RRP£3.29 - TRADE £1.21!!
Holts Gun Gum Putty (for holes in backbox) - RRP £3.79 - Trade 76p!!
rubber exh hangers 34MM "O" style RRP:79 PENCE TRADE:55 PENCE
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PostSubject: Brilliant   Mon May 12, 2008 7:54 am

I must do the same that is absolutely spot on! It's about time Halforda gave us something back...thanls anewman - James
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PostSubject: Re: Halfords trade card   Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:28 pm

Its a good deal, i have one and bought a 5 litre drum of longlife coolant it was £19.99 paid just £11!
Well worth it

If i Fall through the mattress I'll see you in the spring [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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PostSubject: Re: Halfords trade card   Thu Apr 04, 2013 2:26 pm

I have a basic account with "maccess" who supply most of the workshops and motor factors around my home. The only stipulation is that there is a £25 minimum spend. But if you are careful you can build a shopping list of bits and then its not problem. Outstanding deals on oil, service items, batteries and paint (which is really cheap). My local branch even delivered a pair of batteries for my old shogun when it failed to start. One of the guys dropped them on the way home. Great service!
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PostSubject: Re: Halfords trade card   

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Halfords trade card

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