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 Magnetic Diagnostic Dipstick

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PostSubject: Magnetic Diagnostic Dipstick   Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:55 am

Magnetic drain plugs may be of some limited use (I have one) but they only provide diagnostic info at the time of an oil change, when its arguably too late.

I also have to wonder about the wisdom of a magnet permanently resident in the sump, which might cause magnetisation of wear particles which are then circulated back into the engine.

A magnetic dipstick makes a lot more sense to me, so (of course) you can't, AFAIK, buy one for a car.

You can, however, improvise one with a magnetic pickup tool, which works for at least some cars. (See an example of diagnostic use in the "Dipstick Deposit" thread in "Mechanical")

I havn't tried using one in a running engine, and I'm not sure that would offer any particular advantage. It might collect more particles that way, but its capacity is probably quite limited unless specially designed.

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Magnetic Diagnostic Dipstick

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