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 my safe jacking procedure

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PostSubject: my safe jacking procedure   Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:50 am

like I said this is my safe jacking procedure but warn you that working on cars is dangerous as they are heavy objects so I accept no responsibility if it all goes tits up.

Simple thing changing your brakes you need to get the wheel off so need to jack the car up, this is my way of working.

Tools needed:-
trolley jack (I don't trust the stupid one that comes with the car)
wheel spanner x type (broken orig equip too many times at the side of the road and your stuffed throw it away)
axle stand (I carry a folding one for punctures as well)

Start off loosen but do not remove the nuts/studs on the wheel before you start
jack up the car with the trolley jack
position axle stand under solid part of the vehicle
lower jack about an inch - 2 reasons 1 back up if the axle stand fails and 2 you will need to lower the car again so already most of the way up
now remove the wheel nuts/studs
remove wheel and push under the side of the car this is another back up if the axle stand moves, the trolley jack fails, you can still have a chance to get out from under the car bruised but alive
now change breaks or do what ever you are going to do
refitting is just the reverse

This is what I do you may do it differently but I feel safe working on a car like this its totally up to you but be safe. Find out where your jacking and supporting points are before you touch the car this saves damage to the body work and the car falling on top of you.

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my safe jacking procedure

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