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 How long can bangernomics last?

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PostSubject: How long can bangernomics last?   Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:43 pm

I don't mean the forum but the principle of running old cars on a shoe string. The way I look at it old cars are simple things, simple to fix, simple to drive and cheap parts. On the other hand modern cars a full of complex electrics and complex extras and expensive parts.
So how long before the old cars are no longer cheap enough to buy for bangernomics and we have to look at modern cars? Which then comes down to can they be kept on the road cheaply take my c5 I do most of the work I can on my car but realistically I need to get it connected up to a laptop to find out what is wrong due to some silly warning message. Where previously you would have said that weird noise is ... now with all the tech its not working because ???? plug it in to laptop is the only answer but it costs more than the car so garage to tell you its a 300 part after charging you 100 to look at it and only they can fit it another 200 so you scrap the car?
Or will bangers be forced off the road by the government they got rid of the lead in petrol that got rid of quite a few, maybe stricter mots not a worry for me I would be happy with this if its not safe it shouldn't be on the road but not this case of things like you towbar electrics that a previous owner fitted and you don't use can fail your car wtf??? BS about emissions your old car is too polluting buy a new one that puts out the same amount of what ever the current buzz word pollutant is? Maybe just say that if it is over 5 years it can only be used for 2,000 miles a year thus stopping you from using them daily and making buy a NEW car every few years on finance.

I just think cars built in the last 10-15 years wont last as long as the older versions they just dont have the quality and its not getting any better so in a few years cars will only have a few years of life in them so wont get the chance to become bangers as they will be on the scrap heap

Don't steal it makes the government jealous

2003 Citroen C5 HDI Exclusive only 218,000 miles on her so just about run in now family owned from new SOLD
1997 fourtrak SOLD thanks goodness complete death trap
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PostSubject: Re: How long can bangernomics last?   Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:31 pm

The market adapts, remember twenty years ago, when new cars all had a catalytic converter and fuel injection, there were horror stories that the cat would break as soon as you drove over a speed hump, and it would cost a few grand to replace. Well it doesn't happen.

Then there was the ECU scare, if this packed up , it could cost thousands. Haven't heard of any disasters :No:

As we all know there are code readers available for the home mechanic and the various sensors can be bought from car spares shops.

A few hundred quid repair is still cheaper than spending out the same every month on a new car.

I have had a few warning lights pop up. I take the car to my local independent , get them to diagnose,and quote the repair, which as I have been a customer for many years they don't usually charge. Should it be too much, go to the local car spares shop and fix it myself.

As said , as long as there isn't new legislation, and there are organisations fighting our corner, we should be fine.

bangernomics forever!
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PostSubject: Re: How long can bangernomics last?   Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:51 pm

Modern cars can seem daunting to the keen diyer..

Common misconception is that you plug in a code reader and it tells you what's wrong!

Fault codes give the professional a clue at where to start looking.

But prevention is better than cure, and maintenance, servicing and TLC will keep any vehicle going.

Personally if I knew nothing about cars, then I'd avoid most Modern French cars, and anything Common Rail Diesel.

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PostSubject: Re: How long can bangernomics last?   Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:45 am

Interesting thoughts :Wky:

My own personal worry is eventually we will be priced off the road :Cry2:

As said it depends which way you look at things and there are some pre airbag,ecu,cat cars that are more difficult to work on than post "Modern System" cars.

Sometimes the ecu with an OBD socket can be a godsend Thumb

Though were possible I would rather have a car that had no ecu,cat etc Rolling Eyes

If there's one thing I hate its the fact as I get older I like what I like and don't like change so much and would like to be left alone if I want to keep using the same car for a decade or keep the same tv set but alas society has become that we are all being told what to do and treated like naughty children


Its you cant keep that car as its responsible for holes in the ozone that's killing seals in Iceland Rolling Eyes

Is it really?

I think not No

We are adaptable and if spares become hard to come by we will make do and mend Thumb

I think its legislation that will eventually kill Bangernomics whether we want it or not :W:

Then it'll be back to the dawn of motoring again as a car will become a plaything for the rich :Ha:

Lets just enjoy it and reap the awards whilst we can and before our hands are forced Rolling Eyes


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PostSubject: Re: How long can bangernomics last?   

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How long can bangernomics last?

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