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 Tyres what to do? What to do???

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PostSubject: Tyres what to do? What to do???   Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:58 pm

I have noticed the front tyres on my Benz though legal have started cracking in the sidewalls :Cry2:

The front drivers side though still within requirements is getting near the wear indicators Embarassed

I know I can get a really good deal on 4 new tyres but when I got the car some of the tyres were loosing air and my local tyre place resealed them and ever since they have been good as gold retaining pressure Thumb

However they said the wheels really need to be refurbed because of alloy corrosion on the inside of the rims (hence why they leaked)

They ground down the corrosion but id like to have them refurbed before I fit new tyres and cannot really afford to do both in one go No

So question is what to do?

Fit new tyres to the old rims and just make sure they remove the corrosion from the inner rims or go part worn?

I keep on hearing of part worns but dont know the pitfalls and how to find places that do them in my area?

Also how do I know if the partworn is a good safe tyre?

Decisions Decisions


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PostSubject: Re: Tyres what to do? What to do???   Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:33 pm

I run part worn tyres on the c5 and not had any probs apart from weird tracking problem but not the tyres fault. I get them from a local breakers yard who supply several taxis I have seen them getting tyres and spoke to one guy while he was awaiting for one to be fitted. I know most taxis drivers will know all the good places for car stuff infact several of the other drivers in pizzahut now go there too. Same as a good chippy usually has the cops getting a fish supper there lol.

You could always get a steel wheel with tyre from the breakers and refurb the front wheels yourself then swap out and do the back using the spare as the other wheel or get a full set of steels and stick some snow tyres on for next winter but wait till the summer to buy them as they are cheap then as no one wants them lol

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PostSubject: Re: Tyres what to do? What to do???   Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:42 pm

Had a really good look at the tyres today they are all the same make and the two rears have plenty of tread left Thumb

The two fronts are both legal but the nearside is a little more worn than the rears and but still OK but the front offside is near the wear indicators and the sidewall looks like the manufacturers names etc have nearly been worn off and there's lots of hairline cracking Suspect

I beginning to think i could get away with just one Tyre i like to replace them in pairs if i can but would i be OK replacing just the one with a part worn of similar tread pattern?

The ones on the car are called Mayrun I am guessing a budget brand but i cannot find any new or part worn's anywhere here they seem to be either Australian or American as every search takes me to Aus or US tyre fitters Rolling Eyes


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PostSubject: Re: Tyres what to do? What to do???   

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Tyres what to do? What to do???

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