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 History & Present Day

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crazy craig

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PostSubject: History & Present Day   Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:48 pm

Hi everyone,

Thought I'd share my road car history, will do my best to not make it too boring!

Passed my test in 2006 aged 17 and it was about 12 months later I finally got my first car. It was a 1996 1.2 Renault Clio bought for 500 from a friend of a friend. Loved it at the time, just please to be on the road more than anything but lasted about 6 months until the clutch went. For some reason I just decided I wouldn't go French again!

Then I got a 2001 Fiat Punto, 1.2 again, from a dealership for just over 2k. Had to have finance for it and was stuck with it for 2 1/2 years! Dont get me wrong, it never let me down and was a good little car but learned my lesson with loans etc. Don't really want to go there again.

Next up was something a bit bigger and something I always had a bit of a liking for, 1997 2.0 Nissan Primera SRi, the saloon one with a bit of a boot sticking out the back of it and 17" aftermarket alloys. Not quite a GT but was good enough for me! Bought it for about 450 on eBay and had to collect it from Sheffield (about 200 mile round trip). Loved it, swapped the interior for a half leather GT type and eventually sold it to a friend.

Only sold that when I bought another 2.0 SRi Primera (you can see where this is going :W: ), only 20 minutes up the road so a bit more local this time and slightly less money if I remember. It was that burnt orangey colour but wasn't in the best nick so it lasted until its MOT, about 6 months or so, and was given to another friend to be banger raced.

Something slightly more modern for the next one, an MG ZR 1.4 2001 for around 1k. Another good little car, very nippy for a 1.4 but ended up selling it almost a year later as I got bored with it. Bought a Proton Satria, local again, just before I sold the MG but just couldn't get to like it and sold it about a week later!

Which bring me to my current motor, another Primera! A 1.6 this time and for the bargain price of 365, an eBay bargain a week before Christmas! Only about an hour drive for this one and have been quite surprised with it for the price. Have had it for about 14 months now and no plans to get rid of it. Would happily jump in it and take it anywhere.

I've always wanted a bit of a project and have always like Capri's for some reason. I nearly bought one from yet another friend about 18 months ago but could't get it at the time. Fast forward 12 months and it appears on eBay, in Essex! So 1100, 3 hours on a train, 40 fuel and 4 hours drive home and its finally under my ownership! Have used it at the weekends and it must have the worlds loudest exhaust, certainly turns heads wherever it goes. Have finally been strict with myself and parked it up ready for some TLC, something to keep me busy at the weekends etc.

Enough talk, have a couple of pics Seenothing

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[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Budget motoring is the way forward!
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PostSubject: Re: History & Present Day   Thu Feb 07, 2013 10:27 am

Primeras and Capris- a man with taste. I reckon a Primera is probably the ultimate bangernomics car. Cheap to buy and run, don't go wrong, will do massive mileages, and brilliant to drive even in 1.6 form.
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PostSubject: Re: History & Present Day   Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:20 am

Liking that capri
perfect colours
its what it is
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PostSubject: Re: History & Present Day   

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History & Present Day

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