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PostSubject: 4x4   Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:30 pm

only recently found this site so havent delved too far back... anyone else run a 4x4?

some 5 or 6 years ago a friend of my stepson offered me his sisters fourtrak.... brief history sister had had it as a teenager to tow a horse box.... met a roadside skip one day... ended up with a green nearside wing and door on the red over grey fourtrack . along with a roughly filled dent behind the door... whilst fitting the panels the "boys" were thrashing it round the horse paddock and blew the head gasket... the bodywork never got painted and it was left for a couple of years in the corner of the field....
eventually 300 notes changed hands.... car started with a fresh battery , but pressurises the coolant and blows some out. sent it into the local garage for an mot test... couple of brake pipes and we got a new ticket.... wife used it for a couple of years as her main car...
weve replaced tyres, had to stick on a couple of exhaust bandages for the mot.

picked up another one with a knackered gearbox off ebay for 50 quid which has supplied a replacement seatbelt, tyres, ignition barrel , and a black and silver ns door to replace the green one when the window shattered. (lawnmower on verges of gravel drive)

its now very much our third car (89 disco and 98 megane) but still gets regular local use... one day ill get round to looking at swapping the other engine in and possibly swapping the green wing for the one that matches the door.... maybe even getting both wings, bonnet and front doors the same colour .
... funny thing is there were rust patches on the bodged side dent and the bonnet when we had it and theve not got any worse and the underside is solid, unlike the disco... ive just bought a mig cos that seems to need a patch or two every year.
over the 5 or 6 years i reckon weve got zero depreciation and the threat of taking teenagers to school in the multicoloured fourtrak is worth a lot aswell.
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PostSubject: Fourtraks   Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:21 pm

These are great cars and really tough. Currently two 4 x 4s on the Bangernomics fleet, a Series 3 Land Rover and a SII Discovery. Glad to hear that yours is a good one.
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