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 Oh my god I'm going french....

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PostSubject: Oh my god I'm going french....   Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:37 am

At moment I run two Jap bangers a S reg almera (wifes) and a P reg carisma mine.

Was talking too my dad this week and he has a Pug 307 1.6 rapier, 51 plate with 65k which he bought new and has a very full pug dealer service history. Bad points are only has 3 months MOT left and is filthy...inside is full of dog hairs and pipe tobacco ash, dad has never cleaned the inside of the car since he got it in 2001. Outside has been washed once a year by the garage when he has taken it for a service !

He is changing his car at the main stealer for a 1 yr old 308 and they are giving him 800 for the 307.

So I told him that if he was letting it go for 800 I'd take it for my wife. So I have one hell of a major valet job ahead of me.... (But I cannot see it go for that). Too my mind with a new MOT and a full valet this is the kind of car that would do 2k easily on a independants forecourt. Wife will be chuffed as it looks a dam site more modern and less rusty than the Almera. And me I will be praying that the electric's continue to work. (Dads had no electrical probs, except a minor headlight connection prob, now resolved). Me in a french car omg, stop laughing Mr Fern.!

Almera will go to step daughter, but as with every car she has previously owned it will come back to me for all repair work at my expense. (Thats 21 yr old daughters for you!).

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Oh my god I'm going french....

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