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 Dodgy Bangernomics.com Spring Assister ad

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PostSubject: Dodgy Bangernomics.com Spring Assister ad   Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:22 am

I notice Car Parts Direct is promoting rubber spring assisters (grooved rubber spacing strips which fit between adjacent coils in a coil spring) on the bangernomics.com site, claiming they are a response to an increase in spring failure caused by speed bumps.

Nobody likes speed bumps, so this presses the right buttons, but I sill think its bollocks.

Springs don't break because your suspension bottoms out, since in that case the shock is taken by the bump stops.

However, if you add an insert to part of the spring, you change its designed behaviour, reducing its overall compliance and increasing the stress on the unsupported section. This is likely to increase the probability of failure, and probably doesn't do the handling any good either.

If you supported the WHOLE length of the spring with an insert, that probably would protect the spring, but the suspension would then be very stiff and high, the car would likely suffer appalling bump-steer, and all your fillings would fall out.

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Dodgy Bangernomics.com Spring Assister ad

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