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 BMW E34 5 Series - The Ultimate Banger??

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PostSubject: BMW E34 5 Series - The Ultimate Banger??   Wed Oct 24, 2007 2:15 pm

Hello everyone, nice idea for a forum Keith. . . Hope it grows. . .

Anyway, I unexpectedly sold my "snob" car and needed something in the interim while I wait for something else I want.

Bought one of the last E34s - a 525tds auto for 1250. Was looking at the old "Egyptian taxi" Mercs (300d, etc) but the E34 came along. . .

I started out with the methodology to spend nothing on this car and just drive it into the ground, selling it on for (likely) more than what I paid once I found my new "snob" car.

It needed a little bit of TLC so I did a little work, but in the month or so I have had this car, the "need" to quickly buy something else has gone. . . . . . . It is a truly wonderful car.

From there it has gone on. . . . . Spent a bit of time on some small items here and there, nothing serious just a few years of neglect setting in as the car got into the last couple of owners.

155,000 miles and not a rattle, squeek or anything from anywhere. Body control is not as precise as it should be, so had a look underneath and noticed not a bit of rust, oil or anything anywhere. . . . did spot the front shocks both gushing fluid though (hence the body control issue) so going to do the dampers this weekend.

Feels like it would then be not much different from what it was at 30,000 miles.

No wonder the E34 has such a good reputation for reliability. It is beautifully engineered, technically well advanced in most areas for it's time, but without the added complexity often found nowadays which means it is lovely to DIY.

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PostSubject: E34   Sat Oct 27, 2007 9:05 pm

Hello everybody, back from being in central Europe where lots of undead E34s live. THey really do go on forever and look amazing as you know 'kink,. My E34 has a lazy auto gearbox and oh no it needs a new metric tyre which Mr Dunlop charges 183 for,so I am off to find a part used one locally if I can. I can't part with the E34 until the auto box completely goes mental..
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BMW E34 5 Series - The Ultimate Banger??

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